In preparation for ultimate stance 2017 and pre sale, the customer approached us to see what could be done to beautify this classic car and provide it with some basic protection, aiming to see it through the show and onto a new owner whilst also keeping costs to a minimum.

A thorough inspection of the vehicle condition including paint depth readings taken and areas to be focused in in order to give the customer a good idea of what can be done/ expected outcome and at what price range to suit. It was decided the best course of action would be a Gloss Enhancement Detail.

The detailing process began with a light mix of prewash snow foam to lift and emulsify dirt and grime, all awkward areas were then agitated with detailing specific brushes. A two bucket wash with a quality microfibre wash mitt and grit guards was carried out. Iron and General Fallout Remover was then applied to all paint work, this is designed to remove ferrous contamination. These harmful particles have two main sources: brake pads and trains! Brake pads shred when the brakes are applied and the particles become airborne, landing on and bonding with the first substrate they come into contact with. These particles are not removed during the normal wash process and rubbing at them with a wash mitt is ineffective and usually, results in swirl marks in the paintwork. Iron remover contains an active ingredient which shrinks the ferrous particles, causing them to break their bond with the substrate and allowing them to be easily rinsed away. Small amounts of tar was present along the lower parts of the vehicle, this was removed using carspunks tar remover diluted down.


Wheels were already to a good standard but a good wash and degreasing was in order to super clean them, particually the tyres and the wheel arches was needed.

Now almost squeaky clean the E21 was the pulled inside the unit and dried using luxury deep pile drying towels and metro vac air blaster. A soft clay bar was then run all over the paint work to remove any more bonded contamination.

Once completely dry, the paintwork was carefully inspected using professional detailing lighting to note area of defects and note on the vehicle appraisal sheet. Light – medium swirling was present along with the odd RDS. The vehicle was IPA wiped down with panel wipe and a few test spots completed to gauge the paints reaction to various pad polish combinations.


Before started all sensitive areas were taped up using 3m masking tape (my favourite due to its low tack) to protect the rubbers, plastics and more for the pads and polish effecting the providing a sound barrier. Beginning the polishing an all in one cut and refine polishing product was used to remove the majority of surface defects and boost the gloss and colour of that flat red, in line with that expected form the gloss enhancement service. The compound initially starts out cutting the defects out the paint using the abrasive particles that eventually breaks down, allowing the paint to then be refined to a high gloss finish. Various Rupes DA polishers 5″ and 3″ and the trusty Makita rotary was utilised to tackle the winding contours on the E21.


Once happy with the paint work and all panels machine polished, the tired and dull exhaust system was tackled.


A combination of decontamination products and metal polishes was used to bring back the stainless steel exhaust system to a high gloss clean shine with added protection so in future during its maintenance will just require a wipedown.


For the last stage protection a spray sealant was used to seal in the freshly polished paint. This basic protection provides 4-8 months protection depending on maintenance and milage driven. The glass was then deep cleaned inside and out. Glass is sometimes a neglected and underestimated part of maintenance, perfect glass can drastically improve the look of your vehicle.

Gaining plenty of attention at the show and overall the E21 is now silky smooth swirl free, looking fantastic and popping the sun whilst also enjoying being fully protected, as the beading pictures demonstrates after the heavens opened. The only good thing about rain!  Many thanks for using Ryan Details to restore and beautify this timeless classic.

Any questions or bookings please get in contact.