I feel it is only right to start this write up with the quoting the initial description, and stating it was a friend who shared the ad on facebook that sold me this vehicle. I knew i could trust the source and also i had never seen one on the road before.

Here is the Ad…

‘Audo 80 cl

Bit of a special listing this in my honest opinion so here goes…!

My father passed away last year and left me his Audi 80 CL from 1985.  He bought this car new from Vindis Audi in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and I remember him doing so!

He always looked after this car and hardly drove it – it has a genuine 66,842 miles on the clock – which given its age of 33 years is tiny really.

He always had it serviced by Vindis Audi until only the last couple of services when he was hardly driving due to his age.

Amazingly I have every single receipt to do with the car – Tyres / Vindis Service Documents / MOT and so on and I even have the original V.A.G. VW/Audi sales document.  What a blast from the past that is!  It’s dated 6/6/85 and has such amusing details such as “5 speed gearbox” and “Radio/Cassette” on it which seem so dated today.  It’s also typed out – possibly by hand?

The car is in decent condition but needs love and some restoration – I think it’s a super project for the right person – and I’d love to see it restored to glory which I firmly believe someone could do without too much trouble.

I have the original two keys, plus spare wheel and all original wheel trims.  The interior is all original also.  The V5 is in my name so no problem there with paperwork.

I know the car hasn’t been started in some time (my Dad hardly drove in the last few years) and I transported it to my house on a flatbed; so you’ll need a transporter to get it anywhere I would expect.

Please feel free to come and view – just message me to arrange.’