→ Maintenance Detail

→ New Car Detail

→ Gloss Enhancement (single stage)

→ Minor Paint Correction (two stage)

→ Major Paint Correction (multiple stages)

→ Full Detail 

→ Interior Detail 

What is Detailing?

Detailing is the restoration and protection of a vehicles surface, utilising specialist equipment, products and methods to bring back the original state of appearance if not exceeding it improving the vehicles aesthetic beauty. All surfaces once restored can be sealed in using the latest in surface protection. Materials ranging  from paintwork, metals, glass, plastics, rubbers to the interior leather, upholstery, vinyl, carbon fibre and more. At Ryan Details we can make your vehicle look better than new and have all surfaces extremely well protected to prevent the ageing process.

Detailing is a very time consuming and labour intense job when done correctly, requiring in depth knowledge about the materials, processes and products in order to make it look truly stunning.

One of the main aspects of Detailing is paint correction, this is a process where specialised machines and products are used to polish and smooth the paint, removing surface defects that spoil a perfect finish such as swirl mark scratchs, wash marring, bird etching and more. These defects accumulate over time due to many factors including poor wash technique and improper care, paint correction will ensure that the vehicles paint will shine through again to its full potential and clarity producing a better than new finish.

Ryan Details.


Ryan had my Audi RS 3 for a full five day detail last week and I can honestly say it now looks better than the day I bought it! I’m very fussy when it comes to my car as it’s my pride and joy but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ryan to anyone as his work is second to none. He even went to the extent of taking my front two wheels off for me and taking them to a wheel refurb specialist (which he recommended) to save me the trouble of me doing so myself! The car was ready on time and it now looks immaculate! Thanks again Ryan.

Ricky – Telford

Wheels off detail

The vehicles wheels get the grunt of all the bad things roads can throw at them with the added battering from brake dust and tar. This service leaves the wheels looking how they did out the showroom except extremely well protected in the latest ceramic surface technology from kamikaze collection to help reduce contamination leaving them cleaner for longer also making the maintenance wash a breeze.


KAMIKAZE Stance High temperature Wheel coating – £20 (Wheels on), £40 per wheel (Wheels off + Calipers)



Engine bay Detail

Transform your engine from drab, dust and dirty to factory fresh – be proud of you power plant! deep cleaning and dressing all surfaces in your engine bay to its former glory. great for pre-sale or show cars or if you just like that clean life!


  • Wires or any potential areas to be damaged by cleaning process covered up
  • All areas degreased and steam cleaned.
  • Pressurised warm air dried and plush drying towel
  • Engine plastics and rubbers dressed
  • Metals cleaned and polished
  • Underhood paint cleaned and dressed

Approximate time 2-4 hours


*Price varies depending on the condition of the vehicle and time taken




This service improves the looks and safety of your vehicle, deep cleaning the glass before applying a chemical bonding sealant that helps disperse water and dirt from your windscreen.

  • Glass washed
  • Razor blade shaved
  • Clay barred
  • Cleansing machine polish
  • Isopropanol wipedown
  • Kamikaze glass sealant applied to front, sides and rear

Approximate time 2-4 hours



Headlight Restoration

Improving the safety and looks of your vehicle by removing oxidised plastic to be perfect clarity again, boosting visibility and giving the front end that fresh new look.

Headlights restoration is a service you will definitely need to use if you don’t have a tint installed to protect this part of your vehicle from debris and UV rays. Without any protection, your headlights will dull and yellow over time. The extent of the damage will depend on how often you use the car, the original quality of the item, and the quality of the roads you travel.

Luckily, this kind of damage can be fixed and your headlight lens restored to its original glory, or a state close to it. Therefore, you won’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to have the headlights replaced

Approximate time 2-4 hours

From £55


Brake Caliper Refurb

From £150

Time 2 days


Window Tinting


From £90


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A deep safe clean of all interior surfaces, giving it a fresh car feel.

  • All litter and debris removed, belongings organised
  • A vacuum of interior and boat area
  • Carpets & mats shampooed and wet vacuumed
  • Leather seats deep cleaned
  • Fabric seats deep cleaned
  • Hard surfaces steam cleaned to remove bacteria and grime
  • Headliner cleaned
  • Glass cleaned inside
  • Piano black trim polished where necessary

Approx time 3-4 Hours  

Small £50   Medium £60   Large £80

*Prices may vary depending on condition of the vehicle, e.g dog hairs, heavily soiled and badly scratched trim

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Paint Protection Film, or PPF is the only true solution to keep your paintwork safe from impact damage caused by stones and other flying debris. Perfect for new vehicles preserving the paint perfectly for years to come and protecting the value of your investment. As trained and approved fitters for Llumar Suntek, we only use the top grade of self healing film and it is guaranteed for 10 years (T&C’s apply).

In real terms, it means that swirl marks, light scuffs and hedge scratches will all correct themselves over a short time, when exposed to sunlight or the process can be sped up using hot water. It is a truly remarkable advance in technology, and really has to be seen in action.

Ideally applied over brand new, unmarked paintwork, but can be machine polished if necessary the film will then keep the car immaculate for as long as the film is fitted. The PPF runs close to panel edges, maximising protection, and making it very difficult to see, even when you know it’s there!

    WHY PPF?
  • Nearly invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects and other road debris
  • A proprietary, self-healing clear coat that is scratch- and crack-resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Transforms the appearance of traditional paint to a matte finish when using PPF Matte
  • Clarity: High quality paint protection films have an extremely clear finish and will not dull or haze your existing paints finish.
  • Thick: Suntek provides an 8mill optically clear film which provides an impenetrable wall between your vehicle and road hazards.
  • Warranty: Films carry a warranty of up to 10 years against yellowing, cracking, fading, staining, or hazing.
  • Self Healing: Suntek offers a self healing polymer liner which will heat out scratches on it’s own with no consumer assistance.
  • Lifespan: Depending on how the film is treated it may last a lifetime. Regular washing and waxing will ensure a long lasting clear finish for years to be admired.

Starter Package

Our entry level package is a great way to begin exploration of paint protection films and see real results on the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle.


  • Full Front Bumper
  • Headlights
  • True cut installation
  • 10 Year Suntek Warranty

Starting At £499*



Standard Package

The standard package is designed as an upgrade from the starter package and is most suited for SUV’s and large Sedans where the front edge of the hood and fenders are more likely to take damage from rocks.


  • Full Front Bumper
  • Partial Hood and Fender Bra (~16-24″, aesthetically customized to your vehicle)
  • Headlights
  • Tru Cut Application
  • 10 Year Suntek Warranty

Starting At £899*



Ultimate Package

Our Ultimate package is our top tier of industry standard protection which will give your vehicle the protection it deserves.


  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Try cut film Installation
  • 10 Year Suntek Ultimate Warranty

Starting At £1,299*


Custom Coverage

  • Opt for individual panels or the entire car
  • Bonnet
  • Bumper
  • Side Skirts
  • Roof
  • A Pillars
  • Full Coverage


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