A multi-Stage Major Correction is striving for paint perfection.  For discerning customers and vehicles generally with deeper marks, the service really pushes the paint by removing as much of the defects as safely possible and squeezing as much gloss out of it. Aimed at the connoisseur or show car. For Impeccable results.


  • Quality Pre-wash snow foam application to emulsify dirt and grime
  • Two Bucket method with cyclone and quality clean mitt wash
  • Plush towel pat dried
  • Pressurised warm air to remove entrapped water from awkward areas
  • Wheels Cleaned faces, barrels and spokes ( wheels off detail is in optional Extras)
  • Door shuts and door bottoms cleaned
  • Full multi-stage decontamination
  • Trim, bright work and tailpipes cleaned, polished and dressed where necessary
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed – wet look or natural rubber optional
  • Glass Cleaned inside and out
  • Spray Sealant or Wax applied
  • Multistage stage machine polish to remove swirls and defects and boosting the colour, clarity and gloss of the paint aiming at 85 – 95% defect removal



* Approximate time from 3 days


  • Ceramic paint protection – £220+
  • Upgraded premium certified only ceramic paint protection – £300+
  • Wheel protection – £60 (ON CAR) / £120 (OFF CAR)
  • Window rain repellent – £50


  • *Prices and time shown are shown as ” *Approximate time” and “Prices from £”  and the quote may vary depending on the vehicles’ size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc. This will be discussed with the customer prior to service.
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