For vehicles with Fine to medium amounts of paint defects. A Very Popular service delivering beautiful swirl free glossy results. All exterior painted panels are treated.


  • Quality Pre-wash snow foam application to emulsify dirt and grime
  • Two Bucket method with cyclone and quality clean mitt wash
  • Full multi-stage decontamination
  • Door shuts and door bottoms cleaned
  • Plush towel pat dried
  • Pressurised warm clean air to remove entrapped water from awkward areas
  • Wheels Cleaned faces, barrels and spokes ( wheels off detail is an optional extra)
  • Glass Cleaned inside and out
  • Two-stage machine polish to remove swirls, defects and boosting the colour, clarity and gloss of the paint
  • Spray Sealant or Wax applied
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed – wet look or natural rubber optional
  • Trim, bright work and tailpipes cleaned, polished and dressed where necessary



* Approximate time from 2 days


  • Ceramic paint protection – £220+
  • Upgraded premium certified only ceramic paint protection – £300+
  • Wheel protection – £60 (ON CAR) / £120 (OFF CAR)
  • Window rain repellent – £50


  • *Prices and time shown are shown as ” *Approximate time” and “Prices from £”  and the quote may vary depending on the vehicles’ size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc. This will be discussed with the customer prior to service.
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