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New Car Protection Detail

The best start in life for your investment – Kamikaze Collection protective coatings are the perfect way to dramatically enhance your vehicle’s appearance and provide protection for years.

This new car detail meticulously cleans and protects your vehicle with an extensive wash process, multi-stage decontamination, paintwork correction / enhancement and protective paint coating. Paintwork and other surfaces are inspected to decide what level of polishing is needed…hopefully none but it is common for brand new vehicles to not be prepared correctly at the manufacturers/dealerships.


Zipang Coat is a flexible ceramic coating that also has a self-healing function which, with the application of heat, eliminates minor swirls and scratches from the surface. Zipang Coat has been formulated using high quality ingredients and engineered with Kamikaze Collection’s ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. Extensive research and development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance their reflective potential to deliver a gold-medal winning shine.

Layering Options for Zipang Coat:

  • Good: 1 layer of ZIPANG Coat
  • Better: Base layer of Kamikaze Miyabi Coat, topped with ZIPANG Coat
  • Best: Base layer of ZIPANG Coat, middle layer of Miyabi Coat, top layer of ZIPANG Coat (This will provide the best looks, best durability, and the most self-levelling).
Starting At £550


Enrei Coat is a next-generation ceramic coating and Kamikaze Collection’s flagship product. Combining a organic Polysiloxane Base coat with a inorganic Siloxane Top coat, ENREI provides superior resistance to swirls, chemicals, repels water and therefore waterborne contamination, oils and grime. Treated surfaces remain cleaner for longer and contamination will not bond as readily. ENREI provides the highest level of protection and longevity along with an outstanding wet look jaw-dropping shine.

Dual Layer

Starting At £750


  • KAMIKAZE Stance High temperature Wheel coating – £20 (Wheels on), £40 per wheel (Wheels off + Calipers)
  • KAMIKAZE Intenso Window coating – £60 Windshield only, £20 inc Sides
  • KAMIKAZE Musashi Leather coating – £POA
  • Exterior Plastic trim coating – From £60 Dependent on amount of trim coverage
  • Gtechniq Interior Protection coatings (Leather and Fabric) – From £90
  • Gtechniq Convertible soft top coating – From £70

New Car Detail

  • Quality Pre-wash snow foam application to emulsify dirt and grime
  • Two Bucket method with cyclone and quality clean mitt wash
  • Plush towel pat dried
  • Pressurised warm air to remove entrapped water from awkward areas
  • Wheels Cleaned faces, barrels and spokes
  • Door shuts and door bottoms cleaned
  • Full multi-stage decontamination
  • Trim, bright work and tailpipes cleaned, polished and dressed where necessary
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed – wet look or natural rubber optional
  • Glass Cleaned streak free
  • Education fir customer for aftercare
  • Single-stage or multi stage machine polish with a DA polisher boosting the colour, clarity and gloss of the paint and removing paint imperfections such as light scratches and marring

Approximate time 2-4 days

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